Chloe Morgane Anal

Anal Sex is So Good

This video was shot using three camera angles, including a close-up angle for super intimate action.

You're using saliva to make my ass ready for your big cock. Sliding your finger in my butt is making both of us so hot and horny for each other. I wet my hand apply the saliva to your cock, anticipating the pleasure to come from feeling you inside me.

My ass is tight and as you try to get inside, it doesn't want to let you in yet. You have to tease and play a little more so your hard cock can slide with a little more ease.

The first few thrust are stretching my ass hole. It's a mix of a little plain and a lot of pleasure. You can tell by the face I make when you push you cock deeper in my ass.

I play with my pussy while you thrust in and out of my tight ass hole, and it's ecstasy for both of us. Anal sex is so good!

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